Family Businesses

Every family business is unique and requires bespoke legal advice

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, I know both perspectives well as a lawyer and a private individual. In addition to the legal particularities, I always have the psychological aspects of the parties involved in mind. The interests of the family must be reconciled with the interests of the company. Conflicts between the owners and within the family can easily affect the company and, in the worst case, endanger the existence of the company. In order to secure the long-term existence of the company, family businesses should create resilient structures through discussion and agreement that permanently balance potential conflicts.

Family Businesses & Entrepreneurial Families

  • Strategic leadership
  • Corporate governance
  • Family governance
  • Shareholders meetings
  • Supervisory & advisory boards
  • Resolution of disputes in the family
  • Entry & exit of shareholders
  • Succession
  • Emergency precautions
  • Next generation
  • Family education
  • Sale of the company

"Passion and personal ties are striking strengths of family businesses, their conflict potential should be considered in all legal solutions."

Dr. Rainer Freudenberg, LL.M.